John Johns
Oct. 24, 1921 - Dec. 31, 2005

New years eve has taken on a sad signifigance with the passing of the great John Johns, an outstanding artist and wonderful human being. Not only did I have the privilege to know him while I was a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, 25 years ago but having the experience of working along side him as a caricature artist at private parties was a special treat.

Happily he had a long life and taught classes right up til the end but I'm sad that I didn't make the time to visit him all these years - affirming to do so "one day". Well that day is now gone and all thats left to do now is seek out his work to admire and emulate, just as I had done so many years ago.

I hope to write and post more of his art as I find it. I know Mr, Johns would want younger generations to view and enjoy his work. More to come... John John's Obituary

Lost in Space pic courtesy of Uncle Odies Collectibles

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